Double-Board-Certified School of Christian Coach Education for Strategic Equipping of Influencers

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Such a coach specializes in helping clients recover from addictions and related challenges that anchor their souls and prevent them from moving forward with life purpose, i.e., due to issues involving anger/rage, depression, alcohol or other substances, gambling, sex, pornography, abuse, shopping, eating disorders, relationship problems, anxiety, stress, enabling, etc.

However, to be clear, a Recovery Coach is not an Intervention Coach (that niche or specialty area is offered as one of our advanced recovery classes). Nor is he/she a Sober Companion who monitors the daily life of an addict or a Sponsor who is a go-to volunteer, a recovering addict with a strong desire to give back to the recovery community by helping others. More specifically, our Recovery Coaches help clients answer the age-old question: “What on earth am I here for?” by using The Twelve Steps for Believers©: Where Recovery and Purpose Intersect; a personal copyright granted to us by Alcoholics Anonymous®–for use with Christians.

What can you tell me about the Recovery Coach class?
The Recovery Coach course meets online for three sessions of three hours each week, plus it has homework and practicum assignments involving some Pro Bono work. It covers the nature of addiction, specific skills related to recovery, as well as the administrative tasks and regulatory compliance requirements associated with coaching clients in recovery. This LPCCI course has been board-approved by the Center for Credentialing & Education and also by the International Association of Continuing Education Training. It awards 1.0 CE Unit, which may or may not be needed by a student to meet an employment requirement. Upon completion of the course, “-R” (annotated on our LPCCI Site Map for Recovery Coach) will be added to your Map Card and Landing Page, so you can begin accepting clients and referrals.
Introducing a Brand New Coaching Niche


You’ve heard of Lay Counseling Ministries and Recovery Ministries in churches. Well, the next wave for churches is Life Coaching and Recovery Coaching, using a business model of a fee-based “client’s ability-to-pay” sliding scale that’s also funded by donors and grants. Because other Care Providers (such as Addiction Counselors, Sober Companions, Intervention Specialists, and Recovery Sponsors, along with other program-based personnel), are responsible for fulfilling major roles for recovering addicts, our primary role as CERTIFIED Recovery Coaches is quite different!

We consolidate and extend those benefits by focusing on God’s plan for the lives of those who are passionate about their recovery and about knowing their universal purposes and unique life purpose! We are basically Life Purpose Coach® advocates, who know how to create Relapse Prevention Plans and Treatment Plans for those ready to “stay the course” against challenges that prevent them from moving forward with God’s purposes, e.g., anger/rage, depression, anxiety, stress, enabling, eating disorders, gambling, sex, pornography, abuse, shopping issues, relationship problems, and alcohol or other substances.

Course-R uses…
The Twelve Steps for Believers©: Where Recovery and Purpose Intersect;
a personal copyright granted to Dr. Katie Brazelton by Alcoholics Anonymous®!

It also uses…
Dr. B’s new P.U.R.P.O.S.E. PLAN©,
a powerful, 7-part process that helps those in recovery find their purpose in life!

(And we’re all in recovery from something.)

This Advanced Training to become a Certified Recovery Coach (by taking Course-R) prepares LPCCI graduates well to minister to those recovering from addiction and wanting to understand God’s plan for their lives. Life Purpose Coaching Centers International® is among the first in the world to offer this type of niche training area in the exploding field of coaching!

This online course includes three tele-conference sessions. Basically these meetings are Q & A’s with targeted teaching by one or more of your three senior instructors, including Dr. B; you can think of these times as “student check-in” opportunities to get your questions answered about your online studies and to learn something new. And those three calls are definitely recorded, which will help you out tremendously if you have a valid reason for not joining your fellow students.

All class materials, mandated forms, videos, and forums are in a 24/7 locked classroom for your three-week study and for the completion of your homework and practicum exercises. You’ll receive access to the classroom a week prior to our launch, along with the name of your Field Supervisor.

Enrollment is being offered on a first-come, first-served basis off our growing Interest List.