Training Christian Coaches to coach from a godly, life purpose perspective

Approved Coach-Training Provider CCE-BCC and AACC-BCCLC

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Instructors and Coaches vary in their online technology approaches and face-to-face appointments, so feel free to interview a modest number of them to discuss how they teach/coach and the dates/times of their upcoming availability. You will pay each member of your consulting Team individually, not through the LPCCI-LPTM website. This allows you to pay individuals at your own pace.

Attention International Students in places with high currency conversion rates, like Canada, Africa, Indonesia, etc: All of our Instructors and Coaches understand that the USD-rates (noted on Click Chart below) would be cost-prohibitive to you, and so they have agreed to work with you accordingly. Simply set up a chat to inquire about their in-country fees.


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SEE INSTRUCTOR + COACH DIRECTORIES BELOW: Will be posted here again (needed updating!) within days. Remember that most Coaches coach virtually!

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