Training Christian Coaches to coach from a godly, life purpose perspective

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The PCLC Graduation Certificate is preferred by those who wish to establish and market themselves as full-time or bi-vocational coaches by offering:

25-minute LaserCoach(sm) sessions:

Coaching on Christlike character formation (e.g., Humility, Confidence, Courage, Self-Control, Patience, Contentment, Generosity, and Perseverance)


50-minute Life Purpose Coach® (LPC) sessions:

Coaching from a life purpose perspective about any area of life (e.g., dating, marriage, family, friendships, spirituality, ministry, finances, health, career, grief, recovery, God’s Unique Plan)


Strategic 2-Day LifePlan Coach session:

Intensive coaching on all Life Domains & Purpose


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STEP 1: HOW-TO PCLC: To commence your PCLC coursework…

a. Fill out and email this 1-page Application Form (AKA Data Sheet)…to the Info@ address below:

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b. Email eReference to a mature Christian:

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STEP 2: Order PCLC Backpack of Books: Click On: Web Link

Note about Books for All Students: Books must be ordered two (2) weeks before your 1st training class, so you can pre-read them, complete assignments for in-class discussions, and get a jump-start on your homework. Registered students will not be allowed to start Session 1 of the PCLC Track without confirmation of pre-reading and completion of pre-class work. 

Note about Books for LPCCI Alumni: If you are a LPC-LPF grad returning for Advanced Coaching Certification to become a PCLC, order this Backpack of eBooks and you will be invited then to sit in as a guest-student (with no tuition charges) for the next-available training dates with Dr. Brazelton or another Instructor! If you are a LPC-Only and want Advanced Certification, please email us for further instructions.

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Can I Graduate with a Life Purpose Coach® (LPC) Certificate ONLY?

Yes, you can! The LPC Graduation Certificate is best for those who want to offer 50-minute coaching sessions from a life purpose perspective in their niche area of expertise, but not Laser or 2-Day coaching sessions. It is also the best option for those who simply want to investigate the popular field of Christian life coaching, or have a desire to bring structure to their own search for God’s Plan for their lives. The LPC is often preferred by those who wish to volunteer or use a Sliding Fee Schedule in churches or Christian colleges, high schools, and ministries.

As a LPC student, you will order and study the PCLC Backpack of Books, but you will have less homework and save by not having the $700 Strategic 2-Day LifePlan Coach Fee.

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