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School of Double-Board-Certified Christian Coach Education

for Strategic Leadership Development

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The above-named applicant is applying with Life Purpose Coaching Centers International® (LPCCI) as a student in our initial Track: Professional Certified Life Coach (PCLC). This Track qualifies a graduate to help others discern and fulfill God’s Plan for their lives, using specific 5-20-minute, 25-minute, and 50-minute coaching protocols, as well as our Strategic 2-Day LifePlan Coach Coach marquee process. As a personal reference, we’re asking you to provide us your assessment of this applicant’s qualifications for such intense training.

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1. Demonstrates a personal, authentic relationship with Jesus Christ 
2. Reflects a commitment to growth in personal and spiritual life 
3. Addresses personal mistakes and accepts accountability to others 
4. Possesses ethical integrity, moral character, and spiritual maturity 
5. Is active in a local church or faith community 

6. Is an affirmed leader, effective with godly people skills to guide and direct others 
7. Is an affirmed communicator: particularly in mentoring, discipling, coaching, or counseling 
8. Is an affirmed encourager... 
With the ability to set appropriate boundaries 

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