Dr. Brazelton, AACC Track Workshop Coordinator: Life Coaching, Mediation and Consulting


The Notes will be Under Construction through February 2019. We hope this gives you plenty of time to download, print out, and prayerfully study/interact with these October 2019, Tennessee onsite-workshop materials! Please bring the Abstract and Workshop Notes, along with your laptop, ideas, and questions!

A follow-up, online purpose-coaching demo and discussion is scheduled for Thursday, October 17, 6-7pm MST after the World Conference. Please RSVP to our Info@ email address [below] to hold your online spot and receive the call-in # and code!

2019 AACC KBrazelton_Abstract_Crisis of Meaninglessness

AACC Break Every Chain: 2019 Rise Up!

Katie Brazelton, PhD, MDiv, MA’s

Track Workshop Coordinator: Life Coaching, Mediation and Consulting


Workshop Title:
The 2019 Crisis of Meaninglessness;
Ergo, the Mad Dash to Purpose-Coaching

Summary /Abstract: With the help of Dr. B, an esteemed “Coach of Coaches” and Investigative Purpose Researcher, this interactive workshop examines what respected theologian Frederick Buechner preached: “The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” This Divine Call theme begs the question, “How does a Christian Coach reconcile that glorious, purpose-in-life positivity with the world’s alarming malaise over whether life actually does or does not offer any intrinsic purpose for our existence?”

Did you know, for example, that from B.C. to present day, regardless of nationality, race, ethnicity, age, political affiliation, sexual orientation, career/avocation, socioeconomic status, fame/obscurity, and (ir)religious preference (e.g., atheist, New Age, Christian)—the debate has roared unceasingly with no end in sight? Is it any surprise, then, that the current fever pitch of the raucous, worldwide argument continues to exacerbate countless personal crises of meaninglessness?

Informed, holy Coaches can no longer ignore this angst, this rampant existential emptiness that engenders boredom, apathy, cynicism, disquietude, loneliness, and depression. To that end, the discussion will call for your reaction to recent research about this global phenom—published by such entities as Pew, Time, TED Talks, and the John Templeton Foundation. Additionally, this session not only offers you the opportunity to engage with related Scripture and quotations, but also with a clinically-proven, quantitative, coaching tool, such as the Purpose Venn Diagram, Meaning in Life Questionnaire, or Claremont Purpose Scale.

These experiential methods, along with an analysis of secular vs. godly purpose-coaching motives, encourage you to rise up and investigate whether you have been spiritually gifted with a purpose-coaching proclivity. As you ponder the enormous responsibility and privilege of guiding souls toward their God-breathed deep gladness, check out and interact now with the Seminar Notes already posted in the Top Menu of our website [CLICK HERE], and make sure to bring your laptop, ideas, and questions!

Learning Objectives

Participants will:
  1. Analyze and discuss the apparent needs and benefits of purpose-coaching through the lens of the most recent research.
  2. Experiment with at least one, proven, industry coaching tool to critique its features and effectiveness for nudging an individual toward a life of meaningfulness.
  3. Assess and write their true motives for wanting to unleash purpose in clients, honestly weighing the possibility of a personal inclination toward secular Mindfulness vs. a theological perspective.
  4. Compile a list of two keepsake scriptures and two favorite quotes about purpose (from 400, as needed) to challenge themselves and their coaching clients to investigate the core of God’s Unique Plan! 

Presenter’s Education and Experience: Katie Brazelton, PhD, MDiv, MA’s, often referred to as the “Grandmother of Christian Purpose-Coaching,” has authored eight “life purpose” books translated in as many as 12 languages. Titles include Pathway to Purpose 4-book series, The Way I’m Wired 2-book series with a DVD for Youth Pastors/students, and the One-Year Recovery Prayer Devotional…Discovering Your True Purpose. Katie is founder of Life Purpose Coaching Centers International®. This Board Certified Coach-Training Provider trains Christians globally online and onsite to become a Professional Certified Life Coach (PCLC) with CEU’s and clock hours accepted by AACC-BCLC, CCE-BCC, and CARF. Next purpose-coaching demo/discussion online: 10/17/19, 6-7pm MST. Dr. B. is also a Board Member for AACC’s International Christian Coaching Association (ICCA) and is on AACC’s teaching team for its DVD  series (e.g., Life Coaching 101 + 201). www.KatieBrazelton.com + www.LifePurposeCoachingCenters.com.

Katie’s Contact Information:
Life Purpose Coaching Centers International®
3820 Oak Shadow Way, Fort Collins, CO 80528




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TESTS/MEASURES: Engage with 1-2 of these before AACC! 

1. Purpose Venn Diagram

2. Purpose-In-LifeTest (PLT, Crumbaugh & Maholick, 1964)

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