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Final_Live_Big_CoverLarge, Passionate Dreams
Katie Brazelton, PhD, MDiv, MA
Bestselling Author, Life Coach, and Founder of Life Purpose Coaching Centers International®,
which trains Christians worldwide in online and onsite classes
approved by three accrediting agencies (IACET, ICF, + CCE-BCC) to become Life Purpose Coach® professionals.

Discover and Live the Dream God Has for You

Disillusioned by dreams that haven’t become realities?

Have you settled for life as it is instead of life as you hoped it would be?

You need to know-and believe-that God designed you to dream. And there’s no better day than today to begin discovering God’s best for you. The only wrong way to dream is to let your dream stagnate without taking action. And in this book, you will learn what those action steps are and how to bring your dreams to life.

Life coach Katie Brazelton shares ten coaching tips and forty action steps, as well as true stories of modern-day women, Bible character parallels, inspirational quotes, scriptures, and prayers. In other words, this book is jam-packed with information and tips that will empower you beyond your wildest imagination as you Live Big!

It’s never too late to act on your dreams.

Table of Contents

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Part 1: True Stories of Everyday Saints Living Big!

Step 1: Face Your Fears

Darlene Lund New photo2010Here’s a little more info about Darlene Lund, who gave her testimony in this chapter:


I would summarize my Christian life as being like a long roller coaster ride with some steep climbs and several plummeting drops with multiple, unexpected curves which jerked me from side to side in a two-person seat. I have tasted the pit of despair in depression. Pain has punctured my heart. Fears have run wild. Perfectionism kept me hidden. People-pleasing wore me out. Frustration burned within – until anger erupted. As I speak to audiences of women, I speak with a passion that is fueled by my life experiences and most importantly, by the Holy Spirit!


I learned many life lessons during 18 years of teaching children. I learned to wrestle with God during the turbulent ups and downs of years of infertility. I found great joy when I anticipated becoming a mom. Each of my three children’s lives brought a distinct sharp curve to my life, yet also filled me with excitement. I’ve scrambled through several job changes for my husband and cheered him on in political campaigns. I was turned upside down by the deaths of my loved ones, surgeries, and years of foreign exchange students living in my home. I was jolted by rejection from loved ones, growth pains within a twenty-five year marriage, and an international adoption! I know what it is to question God, pray, and wait for His plan to unfold. I am still on the ride but am comforted that God is in control!


I can stay oriented because God has revealed to me “who I am and whose I am.”  I continue to balance the demands of my life’s calling to encourage and teach women, while living life as a wife and mom of three teens. My heart’s desire is to encourage women with the truth, so that they will stand and be whole in Jesus when life sends them jerking in reaction from a roller coaster ride.


I coach women and am a motivational speaker. My career in writing is just beginning. My love of the Scriptures and lifelong learning is evident, as I teach and challenge women to take positive steps toward God and His plan. He has a unique purpose for your life – will you join Him?


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Step 2: Learn to Exhale

Kristi photoHere’s a little more info about Kristi Olson who gave her testimony in this chapter:


The Rest of the Story: Taking a piece of my own advice, I again asked God to identify the areas of growth that would most honor Him. He began to reveal to me old patterns of emotional and spiritual abuse that were resurfacing into certain areas of my life. After much prayer and heartache, I chose to remove myself from people and environments that limited my ability to freely live out who God created me to be. I then fulfilled one of my dreams by opening a Life Purpose Coaching Center® for women in the beautiful St. Croix River Valley of Minnesota.  I am now blessed to be able to help women see themselves as Jesus sees them: beautiful and lovely. I have the joy of equipping them to find their identity in Christ Jesus and live everyday in freedom from shame.


As the founder of Purpose Released, my mission is to inspire, empower, and release women to walk in their true beauty and life purpose. As these women learn to live authentic lives, I get the incredibly rewarding experience of encouraging them to exhale deeply, receive restoration in every area of their lives, and cheer them on as they find their voice and give birth to their own passionate dreams!

My husband and I now live in an old, charming farmhouse just outside of St. Paul, MN, breathing in the fresh country air, fully enjoying this chapter of our life together.


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Step 3: Honor Your Deepest Longings

Judy photoHere’s a little more info about Judy Grandstrand, who gave her testimony in this chapter:


DREAM BIG! I am convinced that God has a big treasure chest of delights and wonders that he’s just waiting to pour out on his children – and that all we need to do is ask! God continues to challenge me to go further, higher, and deeper with Him. He continues to encourage my dreams – and I have learned to DREAM BIG! Nothing is too big for my God!


I founded LifeSong Ministries in order to pursue my passion for mentoring and coaching women. My goal is to encourage and empower women to become all they are meant to be in God and to fulfill their life purpose and destiny.


I live in Newcastle, Washington with my husband of 32 years, Mark. We have two wonderful adult children, Brett and Sara. I am a licensed minister who loves performing weddings. I also enjoy traveling, reading, scrapbooking, and spoiling my dogs.


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Step 4: Don’t Ever Give Up

JAMIE HEADSHOTHere’s a little more info about Jamie Beran, who gave her testimony in this chapter:


My life experiences usually involve things that are a little different than the norm.  Recently I drove a semi-truck and trailer through a rain soaked obstacle course at a test track, just for the fun of it. On my “Life List” are 129 things that I would like to do before I die, so I try to knock off at least a couple of those things every year. I probably need to get a move on, because I’m not getting any younger!


Extraordinary Purpose: Live A Good Story is a ministry that encourages women to live big by taking a gigantic leap out of their comfort zone to accomplish things that they’ve longed to do. God has crafted strengths and passions into our DNA for His work and glory, and yet we can find ourselves living mediocre, compromised lives because of mistaken beliefs and fear. I am keen about helping women to explore that intersection where faith and life meet, and I do so through coaching, life plans, and creative workshops.


I live in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan on the shore of Lake Superior and in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. I love brand new packages of Sharpies; learning about a person’s unique story; discovering places that are off the beaten path; and scaring myself regularly by trying new things.


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Step 5: Use Your Past for Good

Here’s a little more info about Natasha Swanepoel, who gave her testimony in this chapter:


Imagine driving through the hills and valleys of an olive and game farm. Take in the Divine creation of our Lord, as you drive past Zebras, Oryx, Springbucks, and Black Wildebeest. Enjoy having your coaching sessions and/or Life Plan done at my home on a South African farm in the heart of the Kalahari dessert, where God’s creation still lies untouched. I’m living my dream of having a place where woman of all walks of life can come and surrender ALL to Him, learning to live a life filled with joy, love, and peace – but most of all – live a purpose-driven life!


In Live Big!, I shared my story of “Using Your Past For Good.” Today I live by all I learned and strive to take everything that has happened in my past and use it for His greater good! I love serving in Christian ministry by teaching, encouraging, and leading women through steps of freedom to their God-given dreams and passions. I dream of opening the first official Life Coaching Centre in Africa, to enable women from all cultures and backgrounds, especially “broken,” authentic women who have experienced hardship and are ready to lead surrendered lives.


An energetic person, I have a passion for people and life. I am married to the love of my life and have two very active little one’s. I love reading, writing, cooking, and all adventures that get the adrenaline pumping. And, sharing the miracles of love and healing God has brought into my life is a humbling privilege!


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Step 6: Expect Miracles

Marykay PhotoHere’s a little more info about Marykay Moore, who gave her testimony in this chapter:


Throughout my life, God has continuously made me aware of His presence, power, and protection. The greatest test of that faith was finding the courage to step out of the convent after 30 wonderful years. Possessing nothing of my own, God opened His storehouse of treasures providing me with a home, job, finances, transportation and a whole new lease on life. Miracles abounded every step of the way. Eventually I met Kenny Moore who became my husband and the love of my life.


I was ordained in a non-denominational church and had the privilege to lead and/or participate in women’s conferences in Ukraine, Armenia, India, Africa and Jamaica. I was blessed to be trained and certified as a Life Purpose Coach® and Facilitator under Katie Brazelton. I have a passion to minister and walk alongside women on their spiritual journey through coaching, spiritual direction, retreats, and writing. I want women to know their value, worth and significance – and I want to encourage, exhort, and empower them in their relationship with Christ, the Word, and with others resulting in transformed lives.


I live in Canton, Ohio. I am now widowed since my husband passed away after a valiant battle with ALS- Lou Gehrig’s disease. Besides ministry, I love to travel, read, write, take long walks with my little dogs, spend cherished time with friends, golf, watch football, and retreat by the water.


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Step 7: Forgive Someone

michellecabellpictureHere’s a little more info about Michelle, Cabell who gave her testimony in this chapter:

I am totally captivated in pondering the awesome, inconceivable concept of God’s grace.  My life story, of which you may have read a very small portion, is testimony over and over again to the transforming power and incomprehensible concept that is grace.


I am a born-again believer who has also been a prodigal daughter who shut out – not only her entire family – but her Lord, as well. For a period of 8 years, I was a promiscuous young woman and an unequally yoked wife. I struggle with dishonesty, with pride, with a lack of faith, and with fear and discouragement.  Long story short…I have been everything that the Proverbs 31 woman is not!


Yet despite my past and even my present daily failures, God sees me my repentance through the redeeming blood of Jesus and views me as His perfect, spotless child. God has transformed my understanding of who He is and who I am in Him. I am chosen, I am blessed, and I am highly favored by Him.


Although my story is one wrought with poor choices and battles with sin, it is also a story that I find common among so many woman both saved and unsaved alike. God continues to put other women and couples in my path who feel they are beyond the reach of grace.  God uses my story to minister to those who feel their failures are an inevitable cycle rendering them useless for His kingdom.


I live in Lynchburg, Virginia with my husband of 14 years. I have two very special stepsons who have blessed me with two grandchildren – and I have a daughter, Alexis and son, Devin.


I have a unique coaching opportunity, because I serve as an RN Unit Manager of a very busy cardiac unit with more than 100 staff.  My passion is writing and speaking to women’s and couple’s groups, meeting real people where they are and helping them to also begin to grasp the concept of grace – and allowing it to free them to God’s purpose for their lives.


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Michelle Kremer Cabell adds this about forgiveness:


In Michelle’s story of forgiveness God worked a miracle in her marriage. Harry was repentant of his sin of adultery, and he allowed God to transform his heart making marital restoration possible. Because we were all created with the ability to make choices (free will), not all spouses involved in adultery will respond with a heart of repentance.

Despite how your spouse may have treated you, you are a cherished, valued, and adored child of God. God values you as precious in His sight and it is not His will for you to be mistreated.

If you are in a situation where your marriage vows have been broken, your forgiveness of your spouse is not optional; however, your continued exposure to emotional abuse is.

If your spouse chooses to continue in a pattern of adultery and emotional mistreatment, seek godly guidance from your pastor and wise Christian counseling. Allow them to guide you through the process of calling your spouse to repentance and the appropriate responses to his actions. Their guidance will direct you to respond in a way that will honor God while honoring who He created you to be.

Step 8: Eat Dessert First

Joyce Meekins-  final photoHere’s a little more info about Joyce Meekins, who gave her testimony in this chapter:


As Women’s Ministry Director at Grace Church in Middleburg Heights. Ohio,Joyce’s responsibilities include developing and overseeing ministries for women. Much of her time is invested in recruiting, training, and mentoring Women’s Ministry leaders.


After serving at Grace Church in a wide variety of ministry roles since the early 80s, she was asked in 2000 to serve as its first Women’s Ministry Director. Joyce’s passion is to create an atmosphere where women can be encouraged and experience the love and acceptance of God that empowers them to be all they were designed to be in Christ Jesus.


Joyce married her best friend, Chris, in 1979 and they have four grown children. She loves to create, organize and be outdoors.


To contact Joyce:



Part 2: Your Time to Dream Large and Passionately

Step 9: Ask Jesus for Vision
Step 10: Capture Your Live Big! Dream

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