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At the bottom of this page, you can learn more about Dr. Katie’s 1988 Dream of opening Women’s Centers, but don’t be surprised that men have insisted that her vision for establishing Coaching Centers worldwide now includes them!

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Katie’s Dream of Opening 200 Centers!

Katie’s Dream

On May 6, 1988, I scribbled an entry in my spiritual journal. It was an entry I didn’t know how to deal with, how to honor, or how to begin to understand by myself, so I threw it in an old box of writings. It gathered dust for years.

Journal Entry
May 6, 1988

“What would you call a house that is not a convent, not a retreat house, not a religious college, and not a “shrink center,” but it is a beautiful home in the desert, in the mountains, or overlooking the ocean where girls and women could come to share their dreams and visions and hopes and aspirations? It would be a place that moms and dads would pray their daughters would ask to be sent to, in order to crystallize their life’s mission statement.

The only stipulation that would be placed on acceptance of a woman’s application would be as follows: Do you have a passion in life to do something that is service-oriented for your community, nation, or world? And, if so, to whom will you give the glory and honor for your work?

The concept of teaching women to be successful in whatever field they choose: be it in politics, education, homemaking, law, finance, business, or whatever — would be tempered with empowering them to be women of great faith.”

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